Top 5 reasons that British Fashion is world-renowned. 

1 | FREEING THE FEMININE - Mary Quant 1960s.

Mary Quant, a name that needs no introduction.

She designed clothing, accessories and make-up to empower women through the concept of freedom. Freedom to not conform, to flaunt the figure and reveal more leg!

As the leader of the iconic 60s era of fashion, I’m privileged to say that my Grandfather, taught Mary Quant illustration at Goldsmiths in the early 1950s.

2 | DESIGNING FOR THE REBEL - Vivienne Westwood 1970s.

Famous for her political revolutionary message, Westwood celebrated the rebellious individual and lead the punk rock era through fashion. Every garment is cut in genius and unexpected ways, using heritage Scottish tartan and plaid textiles throughout the years.

3 | HAND-CRAFTING SILHOUETTES - Christopher Nemeth 1980s.

Nemeth garnered a cult following for his intricate cutting and sewing which creates the distinctive silhouette as he called self-portrait. The handmade individuality of his work, carefully crafted garments, paintings and furniture show his ability to interface art and fashion which have created a place for him among the greatest fashion designers.

4 | INNOVATING THE DETAILS - Oswald Boateng 1990s.

When Boateng opened his shop in Saville Row in the 90s, he was part of the “New Bespoke Movement”. He broke the rules in tailoring through avant-guard details that changed Saville Row forever. Always an innovator, Boateng adapted to the post-pandemic world, with a fresh look at smart-casual workwear, that’s just as exquisite as his tailoring.

5 | REFINING THE TIMELESS - Margaret Howell 2000s - present.

A Goldsmith’s graduate like Quant, Margaret Howell made utilitarian clothing smart from the 70s to today. Her timeless collections have always been, and will always be relevant. Loved especially by creative people in high-profile careers, Howell is big in Japan and represents the refined British aesthetic at its best.

Our designer Sophie, was so inspired by these 5 designers during her university years. Everyone above has contributed in their own way to the SOPHIE HAWKINS brand. See the signature British details in every on of our collections, with 'Designed in Britain' sewn into every label too.