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I, as founder of SOPHIE HAWKINS have created a small collection of expertly made two-pieces for you and your life on the move. 

Here’s a little about how they’ve come to be… 

Designed in the UK

For over a decade I’ve dressed inspirational people for special occasions, whilst working as a tailoress in London. Watching them on set, under the lights and on the move I learned that they were searching for smart, practical, sustainable and fluid clothing. They kept asking for jacket and pant sets and that’s when the SOPHIE HAWKINS studio was born. 

Made in Japan

After graduating from my Fashion Design degree in 2011, it was obvious that the world needed help. As a sustainability designer I wanted to start a responsible fashion label to communicate my values of crafts-people-ship and conscious living. So in 2015 I set out to visit Japan to research denim in the Setouchi region, in Okayama where I was introduced to the world's finest mills and factories alike.

Japanese fabrics are of such high quality, that they age beautifully and last for years to come. With longevity as my approach to fashion design, Japanese fabrics and manufacture too have been the perfect choice for my collections. I am so honoured to work alongside the craftspeople of Kojima, Okayama.

My collections are now made purely in Kojima 'Japan’s denim Mecca' an area where the fabrics are spin, woven, dyed, sewn and the collections assembled, all within a 5km radius. 

Designed for you

You’re someone who needs to move, who loves to feel good in any environment, and needs an outfit to take you through 12 hours of the day and through seasons too...

Our gender-less collections are designed carefully, always relevant in style. They're here to offer you belonging, movement and connection with every wear. 


The team and I are so excited to show you our next collection and to invite you to each seasonal event we'll be hosting.

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